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World blood donor day creative collage

Caring for Local Community: Blood Donation Drives

Through our various blood donation initiatives, such as Healthy Body Happy Soul - Blood Donation Campaign (24 June 2023), Be A Blood Hero 2.0 (29 July 2023), Blood Donation by Life Line Associates (5 August 2023), KWANGSI Care Health Carnival (3 September 2023), Donate Blood Save Soul by WEREG WE Real Estate Group (9 September 2023), Blood Donation Campaign by Life Line Association Malaysia (1 October 2023), Health Carnival and Blood Donation (15 October 2023), SENHENG Blood Donation (22 October 2023), Bispoint Group of Account Blood Donation (11 November 2023), and BUC Leo Club Blood Donation (12 November 2023), we've actively contributed to the well-being of our community.

With a total of 1,094 pints of blood collected during these events, we've not only helped patients in need of blood transfusions but also raised awareness about the importance of safe blood transfusion practices and voluntary blood donation. By engaging in these initiatives, we've demonstrated our dedication to supporting the health and vitality of our local community.